View Full Version : Tytool, VideoRedo, chapter stops at cuts

03-02-2005, 03:09 AM
I had some problems using FAE in Tytool so I decided to try VideoRedo (Iíve seen it mentioned in other threads). VideoRedo worked great but when I pulled things back into Tytool to finish the process, there was nothing to use for creating chapter stops at the cuts. I really liked the automatic insertion of chapters at the cuts in Tytool so I wrote this Perl script to use the VideoRedo project files to create the .chp files Tytool uses for IFO creation. You could do it by hand but it sucks. Now I can use Tytool for everything but cutting the commercials out and still use the auto chapter insertion. The length of the stream according to VideoRedo and Tytool isnít exactly the same but itís close enough for chapters. Iím no Perl expert so the code isnít pretty but it works. Hopefully, someone else will find it useful. The directions for using the script are in the comments at the beginning of the script. You can get Perl at the Activestate web site if you donít have it. Itís free and it kicks ass. Thanks jdiner for a GREAT tool.