View Full Version : Purchasing Moonlight M71 & MPEG 2 MUX & DeMUX

03-22-2005, 11:03 PM
What is the best way to purchase the Moonlight M71 multiplexer and MPEG2 demultiplexer? I've just hit the end of my evaluation period and I'm getting the scrolling message on Windows Media player whenever I play a mpg or .tivo file.

Their $49 Moonlight MPEG & AVC OneClick Compressor seems to have both http://www.moonlight.co.il/products/consumer/oneclick/

Their MPEG player only has the demultiplexer http://www.moonlight.co.il/products/consumer/mpgplayer/

I'm guessing that I just need those two capabilities. I'd like to do it for less than $49.

I've got Nero 6.6.08 Ultra which comes with Nero Express 3 and with the Moonlight products I've sucessfully burned DVD's.

Is my memory going? I thought (before the 21 day evaluation on the Moonlight mux expired) that I was able to drag-and-drop .tivo files into NE3.