View Full Version : Transfer speed slow on SA series 1

Tivo Kev
04-26-2005, 02:47 PM
TIVO beginer seeks help.

The transfer starts at around 1.8mb per sec but after 30 to 45 seconds the transfer speed falls to around 1.1mb per sec and within 2 minutes the process appears to stop altogether.

After a few minutes, sometimes longer than 5 minutes the transfer continues with the speed falling and the overall transfer duration time increasing.

The transfer speed can fall to below 0.5mb per sec and the pauses between transfer activity become 10 minutes or more.

30 minutes of video recorded on the Tivo at BEST setting is taking 90 to 120 minutes to transfer to PC.File size approx.2Gb.

I have switched off TIVOWEB as one article suggested but it had no affect.

I have tried the TCP optimiser but it has had little or no affect.

Wired network connection between TIVO & PC.Using TyTools 9.18.

05-25-2005, 12:40 PM
This just started w/me too. I've downloaded shows before very quickly -- made no changes to anything, and yet, this time, I'm having slowdown problems. Speed drops from almost 2MB to .21MB over the course of a few minutes. Help!