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05-30-2005, 06:23 AM
Simple aim. UK Series 1 .ty -> 3ivx .mov (or .mp4). Must be 3ivx as the intent is to use the files on an Elgato eyeHome, which lists 3ivx-support rather than Divx. Bitrate of .ty hacked to be higher than the norm, and 'save disk space' enabled to give variable rate.

Current method: mfs_ftp gives me the .ty, ffmpegx gives me a Divx AVI which usually works, but sometimes has glitches on the eyeHome. Trouble is that I can't trim this AVI afterwards, so if I've started recording early and finished it late (my normal mode for anything from the BBC) then I'm stuck with a lot of irrelevant junk.

Quicktime Pro will trim it, then save it out to a .mov. Sounds good, except that the resulting .mov won't play on the eyeHome - no idea why as the encoding stays the same. Convert to .mp4? Well, for reasons best known to itself that doesn't work either - the 'pass through' video option is greyed out in Quicktime Pro's export dialog.

TyEditor crashes out on me frequently - both the X11 and QT Mac-native builds.


Ideas please? Can I edit an AVI with anything (and have it stay a .avi, not be converted to .mov)? Is there some path to mpeg2 which I can then use Quicktime to export directly to 3ivx from?

All help appreciated.


05-31-2005, 10:04 AM
Hi Ian,

I posted my workflow a while ago:

I use ffmpegx to demux, and Diva to compress to 3ivx format.