View Full Version : June. 5 - New EtiVo Version (0.1.1805): TTG support, some new management UI

06-05-2005, 11:01 PM
Hey guys. New EtiVo version is available for download.

Download (http://prish.com/etivo/downloads_real.htm) the new version or check the change-list (http://prish.com/etivo/EtiVo_ChangeList.htm) and screen shots (http://prish.com/etivo/install_utility.htm).

Main new features:
* TiVo To Go partial support - EtiVo allows you to archive and catalog your TTG files now. However, it still cannot turn them into WMVs.
* Tray Icon support - EtiVo will now install a tray-icon that will give access to various programs relating to EtiVo as well as give you the current status of EtiVo and search for bad shows.


*More tests - New tests and better error reporting - it is now possible to test EtiVo running end-to-end and get feedback as to what failed to load.
*Minor bug fixes - Few minor bugs fixed, most note-worthy is the too-long-file name one.