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06-10-2005, 04:03 AM
PLEASE SEE http://www.tivotool.com FOR ALL FURTHER UPDATES

tivotool.pl - A cross-platform program to get recordings from your TiVo
and convert them to a (somewhat) standard MPEG2 muxed format.

v0.2d - fixed date display bug, can now specify vsplit options and mplayer filters in config file
v0.2c - streaming mode added
v0.2b - filename fixes
v0.2 - removed mplayer dependency, now uses external config file

NOTE: Your recordings have to be unencrypted before using this tool.

Step 1.
Upload the proper vserver binary to your Tivo (Series 1 or 2). The vserver
binaries are located in the for_tivo/ directory.
Run on the Tivo using "/path/to/vserver"

Step 2.
Edit tivotool.conf and fill in your Tivo's address and your OS (linux or osx).
You will probably want the .mpg to go somewhere besides /tmp as well.

Step 3.
Run tivotool: "./tivotool.pl" while inside the tivotool directory.

More Information:

If you add "-s" when running tivotool, it will stream rather than download.
You need to have a tivo enabled mplayer installed. Enter the location in
tivotool.conf. Download tivo-mplayer here: http://tivo-mplayer.sourceforge.net

If you experience stuttering while streaming, you may have a USB1 network
card. A Best Quality recording is 725KB/s while USB1 networking usually gets
500KB/s. You can see the problem there. Use the cache command to
cache in some of the recording before it plays. You can also pause during
playback to refill the cache. See tivotool.conf to tweak your cache.

You can specify custom vsplit command line arguments in the tivotool.conf
file. Here are the possible options:
-v verbose
-V Very verbose (DTivo additions)
-j# Jump # number of chunks into the file before processing. (Quicker checks of fixes...)
-l# Process # number of total chunks (once processing starts).
-n No output. Process as normal but don't save anything to disk.
-m Multiplex output. Results in a single MPEG-2 Program Stream.
(outputs in VideoFile, audiofile is needed but ignored).
-d Multiplex into (S)VCD sized PACKS (2324 bytes).
-k Build the edit KeyFrames file.
-c* Mulitplex using the cut list file '*'.
-p Produce seperate Mulitplexed files using the cut list file '*'.
-f Fix the frame order at a cut for Ulead tools (use with -p mode)!
-b Generate a VOB format mpeg file.
-a Perform audio 'hole' patching.
-t# Perform audio transcoding. Options (1-7 see below):
(s)VCD @ 44,100 -> (1 = 160, 2 = 192, 3 = 224kpbs)
DVD @ 48,000 -> (4 = 160, 5 = 192, 6 = 224kpbs)
DVD @ 48,000 -> (7 = Dolby @ 384000kpbs)
-h help

If you are having trouble playing the mpg in Quicktime, you may not have
the $20 MPEG2 addon installed. If you just want to play your video,
download VLC for OSX. That is here:
Panther and earlier: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html
Tiger: http://download2.videolan.org/pub/videolan/testing/vlc-0.8.2-test2/macosx/

If you want to edit the video and do some encoding to e.g. divx, then you
want MPEG Streamclip, available for free here:

Above is the contents of the README. Below is the program attached. There is also a web link. Downloading the attachment is better for two reasons: I get to track downloads and it saves me bandwidth costs. I offer the web link for more robust linking outside the forum. Copy at your leisure.

This program does not, and will never, run on Windows.

This has been tested on various S2 units (SA & DTV). If you have a Series 1, or something other than 7.1 or 6.2, I would love to hear from you at the link below.

Discussion thread: http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43907