View Full Version : Need some extraction advice on OS X - warning - I'm green

06-20-2005, 04:16 AM
I have a new drive being shipped to me for my Series 2 DirecTivo. It will have the 4.0 software pre-installed, telnet - all sorts of fun things.

I'd like to pull the files off the existing drive - which has no 4.0, no telnet, no nothing on the existing drive (except the complete season of 24) - so I basically want to pull all the shows off. I won't need the drive after I've pulled the shows off.

I've read several posts about using the MFStools to do such a thing. Problem is, I have no clue. I'm running OS X Tiger, but have access to a PC if needed (though I'd rather not)

Is the process -

1) Mount my drive with some software I've never used
2) Run MFSTools to get the stuff off ( which I know nothing about )
3) Use TyStudio to convert the files to some usable format ( no clue )

Basically, if someone would like to make this a little project to show me how I might do such a thing, I'd be eternally grateful. I would then use my knowledge to enlighten other such noobs at my site, http://www.mightydave.com.

Thanks in advance.