View Full Version : IFO creation problem

06-28-2005, 03:52 AM
First, I should say I have tried extensively to look for this info - If it is on this forum it is well hidden or I haven't found the correct search phrase!

I am a complete newbie and working through my 1st ever burn to DVD. I have been following the unofficial murrays faq as it seems clearest for a newbie like me.

I'm using a hacked UK SA TiVo and the latest tytools.

The problem: I get all the way through the process until IFO creation. I add my VoB at the top of the file but when it comes to the chapter creation part I can't edit that file path nor is it automatically there. I am probably just missing the "obvious" way of doing this but I admit I'm too stupid to find it...

Please guide me to the correct post or tell me how to solve this!

Doh! How stupid - I was not adding the element title so it had nothing to add the VOB file to...I said it would be stupidity...

Thanks in advance!