View Full Version : Vserver streaming to port (?)

07-01-2005, 05:53 PM
Newbie here....

Using Dtivo 6.2 with tyshow beta 15 and vserver, I'm able to stream my unencrypted tivo to my home PC but not work. TivoWeb is configured on port 80, and I can log on at home at work. But, when I try to stream (via view link on now playing list in TivoWeb) the Media Player Classic just shows black and then crashes.

In order to rule out software and settings, I took my laptop (stream at home ok) to work and plugged into LAN/internet. Then, my laptop wouldn't stream.

Is it possible my work is blocking the stream somehow? If TivoWeb is configured on port 80, does the stream come in on 80 too? If so can this be changed and how? Or could my work be blocking ty streams via extention blocking? If so, is there a way to convert the ty stream to a more common stream?

Any help or is greatly appreciated!