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07-03-2005, 01:20 PM
I was thinking of getting a Slingbox (www.sling.com) for my Tivo, but while researching it, I came accross the free orb.com service. Orb will on the fly transcode and audio/video data on your PC (an live TV if you have a TV card), so that you can watch it over your LAN or the Internet!
If you installit on a Windows Media PC, you get access to everything on the box, I have installed it on my XP PC which is on the same network with my Tivo. Is there a way to make the Tivos's Ty files appear on a virtual disk on my PC (while they are still on the Tivo)so that Orb can ssee thenm and let me watch them "online"?

I think if this works it might be a better solution than etivo or tystreamer (at least for me)

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07-07-2005, 04:31 PM
In order to do this you would have to have Samba or NFS working properly and, at least from what I have read, people have not had a lot of success with this. IMHO you would be much better off downloading the shows to your PC first and streaming from there. People have been working on streaming over the internet using VLCso check out those threads.

07-07-2005, 06:48 PM
I have tried using webdrive and I think it is a start, I can give my Tivo a drive letter like T: and assign this as my ORB media directory. The problme is once I fire up orb it started downloading all of my Tivo's ty files to my PC! At first I couldn't figure out why, but then it occured to me that orb makes little thumbnails of all of your videos. I have way too much stuff on my tivo to dl it all to my PC, and although I could see that the media directory was slowly getting populated with the ty files, they were not accessible (I guess untill ORB was finished cataloging) so I don't know if they would have streated, or it clicking on the ORB link would result in a long wait as orb transfered the fie to my PC before streaming.

Any ideas?