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07-04-2005, 11:16 AM
Alternate Extract and muxing method for Tiger OS X 10.4.x.

I have tried to get Tyeditor to work since upgrading to Tiger 10.4 with no avail. I did however come up with a new method. This new process works for me since I use FCP to do all my editing. All I needed was a muxed (video &audio) mpg file from Tyeditor.

Programs required:

Quicktime Pro 6 or 7: need to pay the extra $ to Apple to get the mpg plugin so you can play and or convert to DV for inputting into iMovie. FCP accepts the muxed mpg file.

FTP Program: I use Fetch

mac_vsplitmux2c1 : Fast ty2mpg conversion pgm for the mac released in 2003 by jdiner

ty2mpg.sh; simple bash pgm to make it come together.

mfs_ftp: running on your tivo.

FCP or iMovie: For editing your movies


I only have tested this on a series 1 DSR6000 running ver 2.5 and mfs_ftp. Still haven't found a Mac series 2 pgm. I am not an experienced programer like most of the guys on this forum. No fancy GUI's here just command line in Terminal. I tried to do it with Applescript but couldn't figure out how to pass the variables from applescript to bash.
When I ftp the files over to my mac I get all these unwanted characters and information contained in the files.
"ex. {Lost White Rabbit}{2004-10-20}{White Rabbit}{10.01 PM Wed Jun 29, 2005}{ABCW}.ty"

I got tired of stripping out the "{}", date, and channel info and replacing the spaces with "_" just to get a decent name that mac_vsplitmux would accept. This is where ty2mpg comes in. ty2mpg will strip out all the unwanted characters and give you a file name you can live with like "Lost_White_Rabbit.mpg".
ty2mpg is editable so you can change the muxing options of mac_vsplitmux to whatever suits you.

What's different about the way jdiner did mac_vsplitmux2c1 is that both quicktime and FCP like the audio part of the mpg muxed file. Most of the other mux programs I found including TyEditor "tydemux" quicktime would play the mpg file fine, but when I exported to a mov or something else I would loose the audio. Same with importing the same mpg file into FCP. I would only get the video part. I had to demux the audio from the mpg and convert it to an AIF file to import it into FCP. jdiner did something different that makes editing ty moves easier. I only wish I had he source files.


Open Terminal and copy ty2mpg and mac_vsplitmux2c1 to the system bin folder. Do a chmod +x for each file. (Note you will either have to be root or perform a sudo for moving and chmod.)
Using the Terminal go to your directory that contains the .ty files. type ty2mpg.sh and your started.

One note if the title and episode are not contained inside of the first set of brackets then you need to edit the file first. I have found that the CSI shows are this way. So far all the others have the Show Title and episode together. At least it's this way on my system.

Example of ty2mpg running:

Jupiter2:/Volumes/Star_Destroyer/Video/TiVo_ty_files stephen$ ty2mpg

Run this script from the Directory containing the .ty to be converted to mpg.
Enter the number of the file you want to convert:
Select return to display file list after conversion or cntrol C to exit

1) Icon
2) {CSI Crime Scene Investigation}{2004-04-15}{Bad Words}{11.30 PM Sat Jul 02, 2005}{LA2}.ty
3) {CSI Crime Scene Investigation}{2005-02-10}{Unbearable}{09.00 PM Thu Jun 30, 2005}{CBSW}.ty
4) {Hope & Faith Natal Attraction}{2004-11-05}{Natal Attraction}{08.30 PM Fri Jul 01, 2005}{ABCW}.ty
5) {Hope & Faith Stand by Your Mandi}{2004-11-12}{Stand by Your Mandi}{09.00 PM Fri Jul 01, 2005}{ABCW}.ty
6) {JAG There Goes the Neighborhood}{2004-11-26}{There Goes the Neighborhood}{09.00 PM Fri Jul 01, 2005}{LA2}.ty
7) {Lost White Rabbit}{2004-10-20}{White Rabbit}{10.01 PM Wed Jun 29, 2005}{ABCW}.ty
8) {NCIS The Truth Is Out There}{2004-03-16}{The Truth Is Out There}{09.00 PM Sat Jul 02, 2005}{LA2}.ty
9) {NUMB3RS Uncertainty Principle}{2005-01-28}{Uncertainty Principle}{10.00 PM Fri Jul 01, 2005}{LA2}.ty
10) {Veronica Mars Silence of the Lamb}{2005-01-04}{Silence of the Lamb}{09.00 PM Wed Jun 29, 2005}{LA13}.ty

07-06-2005, 11:48 AM
Thanks for posting your method. I am a 10.4.x user as well and have tried several solutions for pulling video from my Hughes HDVR2 directivo so that I could edit the video. Have you taken a look at this thread? http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43907 It seems to do everything you want. From what I can tell they are working on a GUI to simplify the process even more. I have used it myself and in conjunction with mpeg streamclip and the $20 mpeg 2 playback component for quicktime it works great! There are a lot of interesting things going on for OS X tivo hacking right now and hope that it continues!