View Full Version : tivotools install notes

07-19-2005, 02:26 AM
my first attempt at install notes for osx

feel free to point out mistakes, just be gentle, it's my first time :)

Roger Dylan
07-19-2005, 11:43 AM
I think providing documentation of one's experience is useful and I compliment you for doing so. If you are going to edit the document you might consider these points:

There is a collection of utilities that the compiler has named "Tivotools" so I would be careful to refer to _this_ program as its author does: "Tivotool"

There is now a GUI version of Tivotool which is probably what most people will use from this point. Though it requires Tiger (or quite an extensive set of supporting routines installed, pre-Tiger).

There are two versions of vserver, one exclusively for ppc-based Tivos and one exclusively for MIPS-based Tivos. As you suppose, it doesn't much matter where you put it.

Vserver doesn't create any overhead when it's not actually working, so starting it up via rc.sysinit.author makes Tivtool more convenient to use.

I would state the reason for installing the NutKase patch, and _also_ what your supposition is regarding the user's starting point. Some readers may find it a little confusing because many people who have hacked their S2 Tivos will already have the NutKase patch installed, while those who haven't even done the basic hack will need much _more_ than simply that patch. As I think it out, because there is so much other documentation on general hacking of the S2 (and S1 for that matter), I would just take that as a starting point and delete the reference to the NutKase patch. IOW just have a couple of sentences leading in describing the general prerequisites (ftp, unscrambled recordings).

edited to add: also this thread might better be in the Tivotool support thread rather than as a standalone, unless you really plan on maintaining and enhancing the document to the point you propose it as a potential stickie.