View Full Version : notification on thread splitting?

07-27-2005, 12:14 PM

I have (had) a thread in the for sale forum about the series 2.5 prom mod. Over the last two weeks there were a number of posts in that thread, which were on-topic, in my view, such as a warning about poor service provided in the past. I had added some links to that thread into two or three other threads elsewhere where the same topic was being discussed.

A moderator has moved the posts out of the for sale forum into a new thread. I don't agree the posts were off topic, but at any rate, the other links I had posted to the conversation are bogus. The links still work, but the part of the thread they pointed to has been moved and if somebody uses the link they will be unable to find the posts I meant.

Is there any way a user can be notified when their posts are moved? At first I thought the posts had been deleted, but that was my own confusion; I found the posts by searching for all my own posts.

Is there any way another reader (besides the poster) can learn that threads have been moved? I added a post to the for sale thread indicating the new location of the split thread, but I see that a moderator has removed that post. So I get the feeling I must be breaking some rules I am unfamiliar with. I would be happy to follow these rules if only I knew what they were.