View Full Version : TivoWebPlus streaming issue

08-18-2005, 05:50 PM
I'm using TivoWebPlus V1.1-pre2, and have been streaming shows off my Tivo to my laptop via a wireless connection. With programs that are already finished recording, I can move around within the entire program, can fast forward, etc. When I go to stream a recording still in progress, I can play it but it always shows a total time of the program as 23:22. If I just let it play, it will continue playing past the 23:22 mark, but I can no longer drag the bar in Windows Media Player to fast forward to further into the program.

Is this a known issue with recordings still in progress? I realize it won't show the entire length of the program including that which hasn't been recorded yet, but wouldn't it at least show the total time that's been recorded so far?

The reason I said specifically 23:22 is that whenever this happens, that always seems to be the default length WMP puts on it.

Just a note, this is when trying to play a program being recorded that's well into the recording (a baseball game at at least 2 hours in).

Thanks in advance for any help.