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10-29-2000, 05:54 AM
Yes, here are some sites that are worth signing up for!

This site pays people to listen to any kind of music they want (MP3's, CD's, Wave files, RAM files, etc...) using the Soundom software. ELSE members can also use Soundom plugins to get paid for listening to music using other popular players (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, Sonique, etc. They also intend to let the artists have some benefit from their proceeds. Overall, I find their business model most innovative and "cashable".
They'll will pay every member a base level of 25% of advertising generated by their individual activity, for a maximum of $50 per calendar month. Additional income may be earned through referrals. Each citizen can have an unlimited number of referrals. <BR>
To start making money listening to MP3s or CDs you will need to download the Soundom application. The Soundom application will work with most popular MP3 and CD players. Their beta is now available and will be released based on a first come, first served basis, the number of referrals you have, and on the amount of demographic information you complete on the sign up page. <BR>
Towards the end of your registration process, they'll give you the option of entering a referal ID. PLEASE REMEMBER to put mine as reg2k <BR>
Sign up through http://www.soundom.com and please do remember I'm reg2k on that site (NOT mrsarkar) when entering the referal ID. Thanks a lot! <BR>
There's more of the detail at http://www.soundom.com/faq.html <BR>
I'm making it clear to you that this site doesn't pay....yet!. But its worth signing up for. And I liked their candid and clear TOS. Needs Windows Media Player, I believe.
Advantages: GET IN NOW, so you can have a large referal downline. People will obviously start jumping on CashRadio as soon as they start paying cash for listening. Get in now and make your referal links ubiquitous, as I am doing here :) . <BR>
Also, as they assert, " Unlike other sites, you won't lose credit for a 4 hour listening session just because your computer or browser window conks out. We automatically credit your account in 20 minute increments. And you don't need to worry about forgetting to push some special button to stop listening. With our player, just close the window however you like." <BR>
http://www.cashradio.com/default.asp?ref=reg2k and my referal ID is reg2k <BR>

This Internet radio PLANS to pay for your time in future. CURRENTLY, in its trial phase, it is giving a $15 Amazon GC if you accure more than 20 hours a month. You can leave it on all day long....while doing other stuff, or even minimise the Radio Bar while working on the computer (you still notch up time in the "minimized mode")...so accumulating 20 hours is not that big a deal. (yes there are commercials, that's how they make their money). Works great with my IE browser, AND they have a great variety of music channels you can choose from. <BR>
Advantages: Compatible with either Real Audio or Windows Media Player. Application can be conveniently minimized and hidden. <BR>
http://www.radiofreecash.com/home.asp?ref=mrsarkar and my referal ID there is mrsarkar <BR>
Also see (self-explanatory)
On 25 October, 2000, they mentioned increase in personal payment from $0.20 to $1.00 per hour

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