View Full Version : etivoweb server location won't change

08-24-2005, 11:23 AM
Hi everyone! I've been doing alot of reading, and learning, over the last few days. I've now gotten my two D*Tivos running on my network with eTivo and eTivoWeb. Everything extracts properly but I'm still having one issue that I can't quite figure out:

When I go to the main EtiVoWeb page, under the Completed Shows area, it lists all the shows that were currently finished as it should. (this happens from the "catalog" page as well) Problem is, no matter where I seem to specify the server location in the config, under the http link it ALWAYS shows localhost:

http://localhost/EtiVo/%program.wmv name here%

This is fine when I'm on the actual machine, but I'd like to use it remotely. So far, I've just done a quick fix and copy and paste the link in my browser and change out the localhost for my domain and that works.

I've double checked the server address in the configuration of eTivo and it shows my domain name. When I try to specify the FQDN in etivoweb's web.config , it can't connect, so I use either localhost or the actual internal IP address, but either way, IP or localhost, it always shows localhost in the web browser.

Thanks for ANY info!


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