View Full Version : Insertion on 7.2 - Encrypted!

08-24-2005, 07:27 PM
Well, I really tought inserted programs (PC -> TIVO) would not be Encrypted/CSO'd (partially because they're obviously MY video which have no need to be protected).

Actually I inserted a DVD. I went from DVD -> MPEG2 -> TIVO and I ended up with a 1.8gb image of the DVD.... not bad, it looks greats.

Too bad it is encrypted, as I would have loved to MRV'ed to my DTivos for watching...

Two questions.

1. When (and if) the SuperPatch for 7.2 get's out will inserted programs still be CSO's?
2. I don't suppose there's an easy way to remove this from an already inserted stream. (I guess I answered my own question).