View Full Version : Tivotool to Mpeg2 to MPEG Streamclip problem

09-06-2005, 11:08 PM
I'm able to play shows on my stand alone dvd player hooked to my tv that i've extracted using Tivotool. BUT, if I try to use MPEG Streamclip to cut out parts of the show, and then save it back as an mpeg2, the screen is black on the stand alone dvd player, but I can hear audio. Of course, its fine playing it on my Mac before burning it to dvd. I've tried twice, the 2nd time with a mixture of original shows, and those that i've tried cutting up with MPEG Streamclip. All shows that have been touched with Streamclip dont show a picture - just black.

I thought MPEG Streamcilp wasnt supposed to touch the video - it saves it quickly so I beleive it is not re-encoding it - but it must be doing something that is causing the video not to play on my player.

The DVD player is a Phillips DVP-642 - a popular player - plays many formats.

Maybe there is a tool that I could use to look at both files before and after Streamclip, to see what is actually changing? Or maybe its a setting in streamclip?

Please help.