View Full Version : Tytool shut down Tivo...?

09-23-2005, 04:48 AM
I have just installed Tytool etc. and the first time I ran it, it restarted my TiVo.

The server bit started correctly, the client worked, the now shoing list came up.

The file selected started to download (at speed of about 0.65mb/s)

Tivo was recording at the time.

I left the room came back and tivo was in standby but I 'think' tytool was still downloading.

Brought tivo out of standby, it did a cold start (loaded cachecard drivers etc)

I set it to continue recording it's programme and shut down tytool.

This morning (when tivo was only recoding the buffer) I tried again.

Tytool started d/loading again, tivo stuttered the live feed. I stopped tytool and thought I'd better ask a couple of questions first.

Why would Tivo shutdown?

Is the live playback stutter normal whilst downloading?

I have a UK Series 1 SA