View Full Version : How would TiVo VOD DRM work?

09-23-2005, 08:54 AM
Have any details come out on how TiVo/NetFlix VOD would work? Someone asked me at work this morning and I have no clue.

I would image that the file would have to have some type of DRM. If so, will it be implemented per movie or per TiVo. For example, I purchase Movie X. My PC enters some username/password challenge/response to get the file, be it a direct download or some type of P2P swarm. So how do you protect the movie from piracy?

Let's suppose they use a swarm type technology where you have to use your username/password to get into the swarm. Now you have the file, but they need to protect the file from people just burning it to DVD. So you need some type of conversion/decryption process on the desktop that puts the file into a playable format that can only play on your TiVos.

The only two methods that make sense to me are:
1) every download is customized so that it only plays with your account's MAK, or
2) the file is protected in a general fashion and the "decryption" process for the file some how brings your MAK into play so that it only plays on your TiVos.

I also imagine that the Macrovision flag will be turned on for this content.

Am I running down the right path here or am I missing something?