View Full Version : Clevo 3220 battery.

09-30-2005, 07:13 PM
Hallo All Readers:

I'm looking for a dead NiMH or Li-Ion battery or its housing for the Clevo laptop 3220. Can anyone help ?
I also placed a picture of battery under 'attached images'.

The following info could be usefull, as the battery fits on various other laptops:
Replacement for:
GERICOM 320SL44 322SL 322SL52L 322SL53L 79-3203B-012 87-3228S-451 Fit Models: BAYCOM PGA1 PGA2 CLEVO KAPOK 3200 KAPOK 3220 KAPOK 3400 KAPOK 3420 KAPOK 3600 KAPOK 3620 GERICOM 3420 Silver Shadow Silver Shadow 2 MICROSPOT 3600 NETWORK NBI-466MP Avangarde NBI-600MP 13 .

Thanks a lot.