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10-01-2005, 07:09 PM
I am trying to upgrade without loosing shows. Because I was unable to expand an already expanded disk, I was left with using the original hard drive to make ready the upgrade drive which is my 300 gig HD. Since I have 2 Dtivo's, I hoped some how I could use what was recommended, mfs_ftp. I have removed the drive I wish to copy and installed in other dtivo. I am unable to ftp to system I wish to pull from. I do not have enough space on home computer to backup all shows. Mfs_ftp is not allowing a connection, I did start the mft_ftp.tcl. Still wading through how to get shows from tivo to tivo via mfs_ftp but hoping it will make since. Guessing it will be like any other ftp. Book describes using the get and put command.

In searching the forum, either my search criteria is wrong or there is no way to copy shows from a mfstools booted cd with both hard drives connected and mounted. This would be best if at all possible due to speed and convience. Is there a way to copy hd to hd via pc connection?

for background/setup information, here is what I feel would be needed to know about my setup. I am running 6.2 hacked on sddvr40 and 80 and have tivowebplus, networked to home LAN and have many recommended utils running. MRV works but acts odd since I made my 300 gig and installed to bedroom dvr. Odd meaning stalls and no transfer while not releasing from the Please wait message. I changed the name of the dvr so no conflicts occur with two tivos on same network. BedRoom HD is connected to livingroom tivo while the bedroom tivo now has MRV set HD BedRoom300 installed. Since the HD named BedRoom is in livingroom tivo, no viewing of nowshowing is possible so suspect the marriage problem with HD w/tivo may cause problem with transfers using MRV.

It would be mighty handy to just to install both hd's in pc and copy shows over to new upgraded hd.

I sure hate to loose all my good shows. :( Any help would be greatly appreciated.


10-01-2005, 08:12 PM
If you can boot the first expanded drive (the one with the recordings that you don't want to loose(sic), dd it to the 300 that you want to eventually use, then test. If that works (don't try to expand yet), get mfs_ftp up and running and you'll have the other HD to backup all the recordings to in your PC. Once you ftp all the shows that you want to keep off the drive, restore the original backup and expand, re-hack, and mfs_ftp all your shows back onto the drive. If your original backup is 3.1.1x (not 6.2) this will be easiest. After you get the shows back on the 300GB drive, upgrade to 6.2.