View Full Version : R10 Extract -> DSR708 Insert

10-06-2005, 03:02 PM
I have a completely stock R10 DTivo (too chicken to even contemplate trying a PROM soldering job :o ) that I wish to "retire" as I just bought and hacked up a DSR708. Unfortunately there is still alot of stuff recorded on the R10 and I would really like to move that to the 708.

I've read the listed "Read these first.." posts and tried to determine is this even possible. It seems to me I can pull the drive from the R10 and stick it in my Linux box. Archive off the shows manually after figuring out their corresponding IDs. Unscramble the extracted files. Then upload to my networked 708 via ms_ftp.

Is this my best solution or am I way off base?

Thanks in advance.