View Full Version : A/V Sync Report

10-10-2005, 03:03 PM
In the View pulldown menu in Tytools, the last item in the list is A/V Sync Report. The name seems to imply that it would be a useful report in determining if there are "Audio Hole" issues in the program recorded on a DTivo. (As I found well described in the Handling Audio section of the Tytool Advanced Help Topics on fletchergeek.com.) Is my assumption true and is there information in the report that allows you to be relatively certain you will get poor results if you split the mpg into the separate elemental streams? If it is, how do you cause it to be generated or is it only generated if problems are found? I use DVD-Lab Pro for creating menus for DVDs from other sources and there may be times I want to use it when the source is from a DTivo.

Seaching through the many forum threads and release noted discussing potential audio sync issues and the Tytools development progress/options to resolve them, I have found no mention of this report.

So far, I have successfully brought a few different recorded programs over from by DTivo using both the TyStream Mode and Multiplex modes. I have also taken the TyStream output, used the GAE and FAE editing modes and then created mpeg files and VOB structures using using both the old and new formats. No visible sync problems at all that I can discern and no A/V Sync Report generated or at least that I could find.