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10-14-2005, 05:31 PM
After struggling for a few days trying to re-install MFS_FTP on my hacked DTIVO v6.2, here are the instructions I compiled to get it working again. They may not be perfect but is my best effort for everyone else. I hope this helps. Thanks to everyone in these forums in posting information to help me get this finally working again.

MFS_FTP Installation on 6.2:

This assumes you already have the following folders on your tivo


It also assumes you already have ftp and telnet access to the tivo

Be sure all ftp transfers are done in binary mode.

Need 3 Files:


1. shutdown any previous version of mfs_ftp running on the tivo
ps -ax will list all processes
kill 2745 will kill process with ID 2745

2. unzip the mfs_ftp.tar.zip to mfs_ftp.tar on your pc

3. unzip the s2bins.tar.zip to s2bins.tar on your pc

4. Unzip mfs-utils_bin.mips-20050604.tar.bz2 on the PC

5. Extract mfs-utils_bin.mips-20050604.tar to mfs-utils_bin.mips-20050604 folder on PC.

6. Extract s2bins.tar to s2bins folder on PC.

7. transfer mfs_ftp.tar to /var directory on the tivo

8. backup the old mfs_ftp dir: "mv /var/mfs_ftp /var/mfs_ftp.bak" if necessary

9. from the "/var" prompt unpack with "tar -xvf mfs_ftp.tar"

10. transfer all files in the ../s2bins/mfs_ftp folder on the PC to "/var/mfs_ftp" folder, be sure to overwrite all files

11. transfer all files in the ../mfs-utils_bin.mips-20050604/mfs_utils folder on the PC to "/busybox" folder, be sure to overwrite all files

12. Make sure there is a tzoffset.txt file in the "/var/mfs_ftp" folder. The file should contain the following text:

set info(tzoffset) -21600

** Where "-21600" is your the Time zone difference in seconds in relation to GMT

13. From within the "/var/mfs_ftp" directory create a symbolic link by typing in the following command :

ln -sf mfs_import mfs_stdinsert

14. Run the following command: chmod + /var/mfs_ftp/*

15. Run the following command: chmod + /busybox/*

16. start from bash "/var/mfs_ftp/mfs_ftp.tcl &" or load from a startup script

10-14-2005, 08:49 PM
Try first with the mfs_ftp and the S2 binaries. That should be only two files to extract, nothing else to do.

If it works, take it from there and do the rest of the hacks (I guess they're the unified mfs_ftp tools)

10-14-2005, 08:50 PM
Also, how much do these unified binaries really speed up everything?

(frankly, since I superpatched the units I hardly ever use mfs_ftp anymore).