View Full Version : OS X: Tivo Podcast 2.0

10-22-2005, 09:28 PM
New version of the Tivo Podcasting tool. This allows you to make an audio podcast out of digital radio recordings (or any channel you designate to be audio only). You need mfs_ftp running on the Tivo.



11-15-2005, 11:09 PM
This looks like a promising app but I'm having some trouble getting it up & running on my Mac OS X Tiger system.

The installation package for Tivo Podcast 2.0 wouldn't complete successfully, I suspect because of a permissions problem with adding the configuration files to my library. I was never asked for a password to authorize installing the files and that particular file didn't copy over properly. However, by going through the package & scripts think I was able to figure out what was supposed to go where. The files were all installed except for the cfg file, which I copied manually onto my system.

Before setting up a schedule for downloading/converting the podcasts, I wanted to test & make sure it worked properly. I was able to run radioFTP.pl and cleanUpTivoFTP.pl files in Terminal after I put them into my /usr/bin directory. Mfs_ftp is running fine on my Tivo and I've got a radio program in the correct ftp directory to download as a podcast, but when I run radioFTP.pl, it doesn't recognize that I have a new podcast to download. I've checked and the radio channel in my Tivo Podcast 2.0 preferences is the same as it appears in the filename on the Tivo. I don't have any files in the directory into which the podcast should be downloaded. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem?