View Full Version : Integrating extracted Tivo shows into MythTV

01-08-2006, 12:16 PM
I've recently started extracting shows from my Tivo over my network to my
linux box using vserver and mfs_uberexport. The .mpeg shows that I create
from the tmf stream play better on my 32" HDTV monitor than from the
s-video signal I get out of my S2 Dtivo.

There are two approaches that I can use... I could stream the shows directly
from the Tivo and avoind making a .mpeg stream, but I've also been playing
with gopchop to remove some of the data from the stream so I want to
look at playing the .mpeg shows on my linux box.

I have MythTV installed on my linux box and am using that to record HDTV
content from my HDTV Tuner card.

I'd like to figure out the best way to get the tivo extracted, edited, .mpeg
shows integrated into MythTV so that I can view the Tivo shows just like
I do with my OTA HDTV conent.

Has anyone worked with doing stuff like this? I know that there is a
MythTivo plugin, but it seems to be more for 'streaming' than what I
want to do.

I'm looking for some process that is more like:
vserver/mfs_uberexprot ->
gopchop ->
read tmf.xml - write to mythtv sql database
then use mythfrontend to view the tivo content.

Would appreciate any info anyone has.

Thanks - jack

01-17-2006, 05:07 AM
if you just copy the files into your mythvideo directory, they will show up in mythvideo. you dont need to insert anything into the database. personally i edit commercials and transcode the shows to lavc mpeg4 first to save disk space.