View Full Version : CCXStream with Now Showing Cache

03-05-2006, 02:57 AM
Recently picked up a few XBoxes and a TB RAID for streaming around the house. I was annoyed with the startup times associated with getting a Now Showing and starting streaming from the TiVo CCXStream.

I have no idea where ccxstream is supported or CVS'd so I grabbed a 1.0.17 from the forums.

I have only optimized the "Now Showing" and NOT the FSIDNowShowing. There is a new option called "RebuildNowShowingCache" where you can rebuild the cache by hand. There is also a command line option to specify an update time for automatic cache rebuild. My vserver does updates based on myworld now showing events, but I am sure most of you aren't running 3.X anymore.

S1 Binaries included. S2, go build your own (I still haven't setup my S2).


03-05-2006, 11:04 AM
Wow, so what's new?