View Full Version : DVHS HD Tivo extraction question.

04-20-2006, 10:23 PM
From what I have read, this is the procedure that should work for HDTivo to D-Vhs tape. This is what Im doing, and this is what Im getting...

Tytools extract HD show.
Tytools VOBMux New Format 1
VLC player--drag the .vob file into it.
VLC player - Wizard - Transcode save to file-Existing playlist item, pick the vob, choose a destination file with type as tsmpeg. Click finish.

When I click finish it generates a file with zero bytes in it, and crashs with a "do you wanna send this error report to MicroSoft" box.

If I skip the VLC player as my transcoder, and I use VideoRedo+ to do fix video stream, then save it as .ts file, and try to use Dvhs tool to upload that file to the tapedeck, it acutally takes it. It shows HD video on my screen (via the vcr's componet video out and firewire in) and plays in 5.1 sound. The tape shows it recording. But when I rewind and play back the recording I just get "Wait a Minutes Calibrating {201}".

Red stone seems to be away, anyone else succesfully done this?