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04-21-2006, 05:14 PM
For those of you who have the HR-10-250 unit, and have hacked it, and set up for the no-scramble I have discoverd a very spiffy way to archive data in dd5.1 as well as full 720p and 1080i---plus gives you the advantage of not having to transfer back your HUGE files back to the tivo to watch them again on your home theator gear.

Jvc's Dvhs unit DH-30000 has a spiffy feature I just figured out that might make alot of us who want to arvhice very happy. Like all VCR's if you press the CH+ and CH- buttons you can eventually get to the video in ports (video 1, svideo, front 1, etc). Well, on this model, if you keep pressing you will find an input called i(Ilink). This is the firewire port.

Ok, so check this out:

TyTools - extract .ty of the unscrmbled show you want in hd.
TyTools - Convert the file with the File-pull-down Multiplex. (makes an mpeg).
VideoRedo+ - drag the mpeg to it, then Tools QuickStream Fix.
VideoRedo+ - save the fixed file (I add the word fix before the .mpg)
VideoRedo+ - Drag the fixed file back into the redo proram.
VideoRedo+ - Edit out the commericals, and clean up the start and end of the fixed video file. (A very fast computer is very nice for this job).
VideoRebo+ - Save as a .ts file--feel free to make it 1 huge file no problem.
WrtDVHS - drag the .ts file into WrtDVHS. Selelct the Dvhs desk.
WrtDVHS - Hit start.

You can save the big file to your big hard drives, and have instant access to
it whenever you want, just drag in, and press start. You dont even need to
bother to record onto tape (unless you want to).

This "tapeless" solution allows you to just double click on the showyou want
to watch, and it will transport it over firewire to your dvhs deck in full res, full 5.1 (even 6.1) audio.

You dont need to go hunt down what cassette it was on or anything like that, its the next best thing to haveing a "now playing list" in tivo!

Note: Much of this was posted in the "HDTV to DVD my way". The nice thing about this is you dont need to use the very-slow hdtv2dvd program and you get to keep your hd res---but you do need a dvhs deck.

Another spiffy reason to go dvhs - the Dtheator movies are encoded at 28Megabitts 1080i and are so far the very best source of vidoe I have seen yet!


04-21-2006, 08:02 PM
OK, so let me see if I've got this straight. You're basically using the DVHS deck as a receiver to display HD videos that are being streamed to it from your PC via Firewire, correct? It seems to me that you could do this just as easily with a MyHD card in your PC using the DVI daughter card connected directly to your HD monitor in conjunction with a good sound card and a SPDIF output. This is basically what HTPCs are all about.

I've heard good things about Dtheater movies but I've owned DVHS decks in the past and swore I'd never own another one (or any videotape format, for that matter). They do a good job of recording but playback is a joke unless you can play back a recording from beginning to end without having to jump past commercials. Navigating a DVHS tape is a total excercise in futility unless you want to take the time to edit out the commercials beforehand. Still, it's about the only method of archiving HD programming currently available, unless you like having a large cache of hard drives for storage of HD recordings.

04-21-2006, 10:25 PM
In my case, my HDTV is a Pannosonic RPTV that dose not offer dvi, hdmi, or even rgb. Its stright up Component Video only for the HDTV stuff---and only support 480i, 480p, and 1080i (no 720p suppport on this display device).

My receiver is a Yahama unit that also only has Component Video in's and out's for the HDTV stuff. I also have a Component video distrubition amplifier so I can split it off 4 ways--currenly I feed my basement projector with feed 2, my main RPTV with feed 1, and I have two more free when I can affford a widescreen tv for my bedroom, and outdoor hottub (I wish).

Long runs (50 feet or more) of high quality Y Pr Pr cable, esicipally when backed by a amp, are easy, effective, and WAY WAY WAY cheeper then long runs of HDMI, DVI, or RGB, or FireWire cables. I use a 50 ohm coax cable to carry the digital audio to the basement receiver. For IR control I use a wired Xanax system with IR-Pucks.

To use an HTPC in HD, Id have to change my TV set, and my receiver, and to use it as a source for both rooms, Id proablay need to change all the cables away from Y pb pr. Im looking for a video card that will crank out 1080i at 1920 x 1080i via Y pr pr that will just work with my Panasonic tv set, and work with my 1200 x 1600 21 inch computer display (as 2nd disply) without haveing to screw arround with "power strip"---Yuck! Then the issue of remote control is something Id need to work on too.

Also, this summer Im planning to do something totaly awsome with my basement system. I will be upgrading my projector (currently DILA) to a very old, big, loud, hot, power sucking monster----but this 2000x2000 native wide screen 6000 lumen projecotor will be worth all the effort!

See pix at my web site: http://bbs.flagnet.org

I got this sucker for $1000 used on ebay with 15 total hours on it. I also made contact with a guy who can get me replacement lamps for about $500 (they sold for $15,000 new for a replacement lamp).

This unit only supports HDTV via R G B H V, so I had to get a transcoder that would convert Y Pb Pr to RGBHV. Thats all done and working just awsome with the HDTivo. I just need to do some major contstruction to build the mount for this beast.

04-26-2006, 06:10 PM
Why don't you just extract the ty files with mfs_ftp, then reinsert them into the tivo when you want to watch them?

04-26-2006, 10:57 PM
The main reason is time. I can (and do) do that, but with only about 2.5mb per sec, it take take over an hour to upload an hd move back onto the tivo for playing. If I have guests over and want instant access to it, I can just pop in the tape and press play, or double click on the file and select my dvhs player at the amp, and choose channle i1 on the player and Im playing my hd movie in a matter of just a few mins.

(about as long as it would take to load up a dvd into the dvd player).

Even if you can find on ebay a jvc dvhs deck with bad heads in it that wont record or play anything on tape, you can tell use this method to arvhie and play back your hd content.