View Full Version : great website just for college students, edu.com: earn rewards, GCs, CDs, etc.

12-02-2000, 03:19 PM
It offers student-only discounts on the stuff we need for college, like computers, hardware, software, telecommunications (calling cards, phone plans), banking (even student loans!), magazines, textbooks and books.

One of the best things about edu.com is that they reward us for using the website. You'll earn eduPoints for most things you do on the site (they even have edupoints for completing surveys, etc.) , and eduPoints can be redeemed for cool rewards like electronics, CDs, gift certificates and movie tickets.

Signing up for student credit cards like AT&T Universal Card, Citibank etc (links and list available through their site) also makes you eligible for $$ of coupon codes at edu.com, which is a winner considering their already subsidised rates.
I've been a satisfied member since last fall and recommend it to fellow students. Their 1-888 Customer Service# gets you speaking to a rep in less than 4 seconds.

Registering is easy, and best of all FREE. Click on this link or copy it and paste it into your browser!
That way, I can get some eduPoints after you are registered (and then you can refer your own friends!).


BTW, they actually check with your school before finally registering (actually a hassle free process) you, so u may have to give a Student ID#

12-12-2000, 07:11 PM
Now, they also allow u to redeem the edupoints for flooz