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05-18-2006, 02:25 PM
For some time I have sucessfully made DVD's from TIVO. Using Tytools, VideoReDo, DVDAuthorGUI and DVD Decrypter I have successfully made quite a few DVD's of kids movies etc.

Separately, I have backed up a good many original DVD's for safekeeping. I use DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink for that.

What I'm now doing is going to DL media. I want to combine (in some cases) an "original" movie from a DVD with a movie (or two) I've extracted from the Tivo and put the lot on one DVD-DL disk.

So far my efforts have failed. The process for getting video off the Tivo and onto DVD is well understood so I'm not going to get into that here.

To get the video off the original DVD I'm using DVDShrink to "reauthor" the main movie to my PC. Then, I'm trying VideoReDo to join the four parts and save them out to a single VOB. I then use DVDAuthor GUI to make my menu, add the two VOBs (one from the DVD and one from the Tivo), and author.

Of course, this makes a largish structure. I then used DVD Shrink (set to use DVD-9 media) to create an ISO so I can test my disk before burning. This is where I hit the snag. I get about half way through creating the ISO when I get an error.

DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.
Out of memory
Not enough storage is available to process this command.

That's about as far as I get.

Am I trying to do the impossible here or going about it in the wrong way with the wrong tools?

Any advice appreciated!

05-18-2006, 09:07 PM
Since you indentify a bunch of Windows tools, make sure Windows is set to handle Virtual Memory space itself (i.e. make sure it isn't set to a specific amount).

Also, of course, make sure your work drive is big enough for all the VOBs and images you seem to be making.

05-18-2006, 10:24 PM
I believe that DVDShrink memory error can occur with certain protection schemes and DVD Decrypter which, as you probably know, is no longer developed. You might want to try the free DVDFab Decrypter; see videohelp.com for more...

05-19-2006, 02:12 PM
Since you indentify a bunch of Windows tools, make sure Windows is set to handle Virtual Memory space itself (i.e. make sure it isn't set to a specific amount).

Also, of course, make sure your work drive is big enough for all the VOBs and images you seem to be making.

Thanks for the tips. This machine was built from the ground up for video work. Have oodles of HD space plus 2 gig of RAM etc. I think, as ScanMan suggested, this error is probably due to the DVD (Peter Pan SE) and I may need to find another way in dealing with this specific disk.

05-19-2006, 07:47 PM
DVDDecrypter isn't being updated, and has some issues with some of the more recent releases.

I've recently begun using DVD Fab Decrypter (http://www.dvdidle.com) (express, free edition) to pull the content off the DVD disc. It is much better at removing recent twiddlings the studios have been putting on movie discs to tharwt legal, end-user backups. ("Madagascar" being a particularly bad title, wouldn't even play in my Toshiba TV-DVD until I ripped it to burnable DVD-R.)

You can also set DVDShrink to output one single long VOB file (or more specifically, uncheck 1GB chunks in preferences) and save yourself some of those "joining" steps. I personally just dump the output files to a VIDEO_TS folder and burn with Nero 6.

I've run into the out of memory type issues in DVD Shrink myself, and found it related to some Virtual Memory "optimizations" I had set up a long time in the past.

05-20-2006, 09:54 AM
It sounds to me that if you can get the Authoring the way you want it, i.e. if you can make a valid VIDEO_TS fileset on your PC, then the tools you need to get it onto a DL disc is PgcEdit, and ImgBurn.

I'm a little fuzzy on why you are going to all this trouble, but I have some experience w/DL discs, and the key issue is getting the Layer Break right. LB positioning has been almost a "black art", and PgcEdit is on the leading edge of doing that properly.

I don't think you can use DVD Shrink in your "final step" of making the ISO, because DVD Shrink was built to back-up commercial DVDs where the LB position/methodology was already determined.

If your "next to last" step of using DVDAuthor makes a VIDEO_TS that you like, open it with PgcEdit and use IT to find-and-make a suitable layer break position. If none is available, you may have to make some new cell positions.

All this is non-trivial of course, but you'll have to learn it or you're going to make a lot of VERY expensive coasters! :eek:

05-26-2006, 11:18 AM
To clear up the "why" question, I'm doing this for my 2 y/o and I'm not an expert.

I bought the Peter Pan SE on DVD and already had the sequel on my Dtivo.

I assume the original DVD is DL media. I want to take the main movie (a bunch of VOB's) and the sequel and put them on one DVD with my own very simple menu. I assume this will need a DL disk to accomodate both.

I've had a lot of success making backups of commercial DVD and making DVD from my Dtivo recordings but have never attempted to combine video from both sources on one DVD.

I'm not aware (prolly due to ignorance) of a tool that would allow me to take the original VOB files from the commercial DVD and combine those in one structure with VOB created from the Dtivo video (with TyTools or whatever).

I have assumed, probably incorrectly, that I would need to somehow consolidate the commercial VOBs into one lump (VOB or mpg2???) and process the whole thing (commercial and Dtivo) over again to get a dvd structure that works.

If there is a smarter way, I'm all ears. Meanwhile, I'm looking into the suggestions made here and also some guides over at videohelp.


05-26-2006, 12:00 PM
So there are a couple of issues here.

The first is that the original flick from the DVD is (presumably) 720x480, whereas the one recorded via your DSR7000 is almost certainly 480x480. I've had trouble doing differing resolutions within the same VTS structure, but in all honesty I haven't spent oodles of time trying to sort it out, either. You may also have a problem with the audio; the DVD is likely DD 2.0 or 5.1, whereas the Tivo recording is likely mpeg audio; not sure that you can mix those types in a single VTS either. Assuming that that really is a problem, you could either (A) resize the original flick to 480x480, or (B) resize the new flick to 720x480, and convert the audio of the flick you resize to match the other.

Personally, I'd choose A, especially as this is for a 2 year old. :) SVCD still looks pretty good (unless you have a nice big HDTV or somesuch), and as an added bonus you'll get a much smaller movie in terms of file sizes. So perhaps you might try this:

Rip the original movie to a single VOB with DVD Decrypter. There's an option in Decrypter that lets you do this. Run it through an MPEG encoder -- TMPGEnc or the like. There's a free one called HC that does a pretty good job. Not sure if it takes VOB input, but if not just load it up in VideoReDo and resave as MPG. Have it output SVCD. The MPEG encoder will let you transcode the AC3 audio to either PCM or M2A -- choose M2A. Then, take your Tivo'd video and mux to MPG with TyTool, editing out commercials if need be.

Bring them both into DVD-Lab -- not Studio, not Pro. You can download a free fully functional trial. Create your DVD, menu, etc. -- DVD-Lab is very easy to use. Author the DVD, and be sure to use the alternate muxing engine (after you click the Author button, it's an option on the dialog that pops up).

Now once it finishes, check the output. You might actually have something that will fit on a single-layer disc; if so, you're done. Otherwise, you can burn to a dual layer, using the PgcEdit tool that laserfan mentioned to check your layer break (I've never done that part so I can't help you there).

Alternatively, point DVD Shrink at the output from DVD-Lab and have it reduce to single layer size. You'll have to judge how much of a quality hit you will take. Let it run, burn, and Bob's your uncle.