View Full Version : Playing a show (Initiated from command line)

06-04-2006, 01:14 AM
I'm looking for an elegant way to semi-automagically play a show (that could theoretically be anywhere in the now-showing list). I don't believe sendkeys will work for this, as there are too many potential variables.

Assume I already know the show's id... basically I want to be able to send a command that will make this particular show start playing on the TiVo, **no matter what** state the TiVo itself was in. This would occur without user intervention.

To make my intent a little more clear: I want to be able to have an external process (think home automation controller) automatically make the TiVo play a given program based upon program logic (enter room after hard day, motion detector turns system on, adjusts lights, plays most recent pre-recorded news show, etc)

I'd also like to know if there is a way to "queue" multiple programs (essentially a playlist functionality for video)... (think Welcome to our Home Theater intro/trailer, followed by movie).

something ala: "remote_play 1161363" or "play 123536,1161363"

Does this exist? If the "remote_play" application doesn't exist, is there a way to command this sort of functionality on the TiVo?? (I'll build the app).

Theoretically I guess the holy grail here would be to have it integrate with HMO/MRV and startup a movie anywhere the TiVo can get to... but I'll settle for starting up a locally stored program.

Thanks in advance!!