View Full Version : Anyone streaming via TyShow remotely?

06-18-2006, 02:35 PM
For anyone successfully accessing their Tivo from a remote internet access location and streaming recorded shows from the 'now playing list" on TivoWebPlus using TyShow to your remote location, what upload speed are you using from your Tivo location?
Can anyone comment on what required bandwidth is to enable this capability for real-time viewing with no buffering?
What happens when you are slower than real-time requirement (at either end) - does it buffer or crash?

I'm trying to determine what my roadblock is - I currently have this capability working perfectly on my LAN but crashes immediately when accessing from a remote location.
My current upload speed is ~ 374 kbps. When I view locally on my LAN, my max transfer speed is ~ 3x that and have no issues viewing shows.

I think I have a router issue blocking the access from outside, but can't determine what it is - I have port 8074 forwarded.

06-18-2006, 09:50 PM
Hypothetical figures:

If a 1 hour show is 1 GigaByte (It obviously varies), that's approximately 2,300 kilobits per second. (If my math is correct)

2300 Kbps will NEVER stream over a 384 Kbps DSL connetion. It would probably take more that 6 hours to move that over a 3894Kbps connection

06-24-2006, 09:39 PM
Yes, your math is correct - it's that bits & bytes confusion again

I was confusing myself by looking at a ty transfer download on my local network at ~ 1.25MB/sec and a half hour show (512MB) taking 387 secs to download.
So I'm thinking if it will download 512MB in ~ 6.5 mins, then I only need about 1.25 * (6.5/30) MB/s for 'realtime' = 270KB/s.
Unfortunately upload speed is 384Kb/s which is only ~ 48 KB/s
So yes, about 6 times slower than real time

I'm curious why it doesn't at least buffer however?