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07-25-2000, 01:45 AM
Get the Casio Label Maker and some Software for $0.67 Shipped After coupons and rebates! FIRST Search for item 383641 Add the Casio Label Maker to your cart. (has a $5 mail in rebate). SECOND - Search for 392051 and add Microsoft Encarta 2000 to your cart. (has a $25 mail in rebate). THIRD Search for 393506, add Microsoft Home Publishing 2000 to your cart. (has a $20 mail in rebate). FOURTH Search for 361057 and add the pens to your cart. FIFTH - use coupon code 90619 or 90645 to save $25 off! Shipping is free! Send off the rebate forms for $5, $25 and $20 - and you'll get $75.67 worth of goodies for just $0.67 shipped! Go back and order the Casio Label Maker Tape & and batteries with another coupon! Save $20 off $50 Code 90131 or 90133 exp. 7/31 http://www003.staples.com/default.asp