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07-09-2006, 11:12 PM
my xbox was soft moded and working fine until this weekend wife and kids tried to watch a movie in it. Now when I turn it on I get a message "your xbox requires service call xbox customer support", but I can still play games on disk. I just can't access my saved games. I also see a number 13 in the upper left hand corner of the screen. can anyone tell me how to get my loader working again?

please help as I have not back up my games in a long time and now have over 50 games on HD.:(

07-13-2006, 07:53 AM
Error 13 refers to a Hard drive lock problem.
I think your MS dash might be dead.... Which softmod did you use?
Can you still FTP your box?
PM me if you can and I can give you a copy of my MS daah and see if that works.

07-17-2006, 05:32 PM
Did you flash the xbox TSOP? What bios did you use? If you can boot to games, you can probably boot unsigned code. Try booting to a burned DVD with Evolution X on it. That way you could at least FTP into the xbox and check out the hard drive. Maybe put Config Magic on the disc too so you can lock or unlock the drive. If you flashed with one of the X2 bios, it seaches for several other dashes to boot on before MSDash.xbe. Maybe try copying evoxdash.xbe or avalaunch.xbe to your C: partition on the xbox and see if that will boot.

Worst case you can replace your HD, which is good anyway because the stock 8 gig is puny.

good luck