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07-11-2006, 02:47 PM
I am not sure if this is useful to anyone, but at JLC's (of NCID) urging I will post this for general consumption.

Introducing - uni2osd - a wrapper script for various OSD utilities

A little while ago I wanted to use DisplayText TivoWeb plugin but it wanted newtext2osd and after 30 seconds of searching I could only find S1 version - so I wrote a newtext2osd to out2osd wrapper script. A short while later I was talking to JLC who mentioned that out2osd did not work proper on 7.x (It may now) so I wrote him a out2osd to text2osd wrapper. He wanted me to release it, but I figured if I were to release something it should be something more global. So here comes uni2osd

What is it:

It is a chamelion wrapper script parsing command line options for one of several tools and use one of several available tools to actually do OSD

What it is not:

* It is not adding any new functionality to your installed binary programs - if you have problems with your osd tool, using it via this script will not fix it. However it may let you use another tool until the broken one is fixed :-)

* Not a proper replacement for the binaries. If you can get binaries, you'll be better off

* It is not remotely complete, and only passes some basic parameters, and may not even do all of those proper.

* It has not been properly tested

Now after this glorious sales pitch, here it is. Don't say I did not warn you.

How to use:
Install into your favorite hack location, make it executable and then sym-link to the file using the name of the input filter you want to use (so if you want to add newtext2osd capability, just link the name newtext2osd to uni2osd. You can also edit the begining of the script and force INPUT and/or OUTPUT modules and specify locations of real binaries.

Supported inputs:
* out2osd
* newtext2osd

Supported Outputs:
* out2osd
* text2osd

Lastly, the script is zipped for her pleasure. Just unzip and install. :-)