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07-28-2006, 12:29 AM
Inexpensive LiPo, NiCd, NiMH, batteries for all you RC needs
Just got some batteries from BATTERYSPACE.COM. It's a okay online store and thought I would share it with everbody on the forum.

Well, they carry some pretty cheap 1100mah NiMH and the cell are rated as 12-15 amp discharge with 25peak (don't have no clue what normal RC cell have but it sounds about right for my needs). The cells were bought to make some 6cell pack for goofing around and what not. They came pre-tab, which was nice because Iím new to soldering battery packs and did not want to ruin the cells. Trust me, the tabs made life a lot easier. Anyways the tabs where great, took me about 1.5 hours to glue, solder, and heat shrink four battery packs. I tested one of the packs I made against the stock packs that came with my rc18t and. I could not notice any difference in run time/top speed or anything like that. I did otice that my cutom pack got a bit hotter. While driving the 18t i even forgot which car had which batteries while I was running them. Also ran each battery pack 6 times in a 4 hour period.
So the good news is that I got 24 2/3A 1100mah NiMH batteries that seem to perform as good as the stock battery for around $25 thatís a bargain compared to the cheapos from towerhobbies that go for what? $15-$20 per pack.

Also got some AA NiCd batteries for dirt cheap at about $0.85 a piece for the AA cells that I use in the stock transmitter. I havenít really tested them out yet, but I was over at Fryís electronics yesterday and saw their cheapo 4pack going for about $8. Bought enough for 2 transmitters and some extras for around the house.

Order some heat shrink too, but I guess I had a brain fart ordering, and picked up the wrong size. Stuff I got could of fit 4 battery pack, but it wasnít a big deal for the $1 it cost me. (ended up getting some from Fryís) this is the stuff you want if your making 6cell stick packs with 2/3 Aís [www.batteryspace.com]

Also got some AA battery holder so that I can charge none battery pack batteries with my Rx/Tx charger for around the house items. They are about the quality you would get from radio shack but for about half price.

Shipping & handling was a just a bit slow and a bit overpriced, took them awhile to ship out the order. Normally when I order stuff thatís within California I get it 2nd day with ground shipping (this one was ordered 12/13 and arrived 12/18. Everything arrived nice and save, nice packaging with the air pack so on.

They also carry LiPo battery cells for custom battery pack or pre-made lipo battery pack!!!!!!! I will be ordering from them again pretty soon to get my hands on those 1050mah LiPos since I plan on upgrading one of my rc18s to a Mamba Motor and electronic speed control package pretty soon.

So all-in-all I give them an A- for a good product vs price ratio, but the shipping and handling is somewhat high and slow. I do plan on buying from them again in the near future

I also purchased several items from battery space, including a 10 battery charger, 22 AA batteries and 10 AAA batteries. All items arrived quickly and were well packed. I was charged exactly what I thought I should be charged. I have now charged all 42 batteries, and 4 of the AA batteries never take a charge. I am requesting replacements now. The charger was easy to use and so far so good on the battery usage, although a 10% failure rate on charging seems fairly high. 2300 mAh batteries take a long time to charge.

07-28-2006, 01:28 PM
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