View Full Version : No audio in large extraction

09-28-2006, 09:10 PM
I'd like to describe a problem I have sometimes when extracting recordings from my DTivo. Maybe someone can help me with it. The recordings I extract are pretty large (about 3 hours) so I cannot extract them to one .ty file due to file size limitations on Windows ME. So instead, using TyTools 9.17 I extract them in multiple parts - usually about 5 or 6 FSIDs at a time. I usually only have to do this twice, so I'm left with 2 .ty files (about 2.5GB apiece) that make up the recording that I extracted. I then multiplex them using TyTools, edit commercials using mpeg2vcr and create the DVD with DVDLab. The problem I have sometimes is that when I open up the 2nd .mpeg in mpeg2vcr it has no audio! I've tried multiplexing using each Multiplex variant in TyTools and still have the same problem. I've even used TyStudio to multiplex them from the command line but, again, no audio. The only thing I've done to remedy this is to re-extract the 2nd part of the recording starting from an earlier FSID. I don't always have that option though, as many times I delete recordings after extraction.

I do all of my extraction with TyTools 9.17 in TyStream mode with "Patch Audio Holes" selected. I've also had the same problems using TyTools 10.4., so I'm reasonably sure this is not a Tytools version issue. I've made well over 200 DVDs this way and have had this problem about 5 times. Anyone else experience something like this? Is there some way to fix the "corrupted" .ty files? Or is re-extraction the only way?