View Full Version : unable to transfer between tivos/not sure what I am missing

10-14-2006, 12:32 PM
This can be deleted after 8 days of all day reading and trying various solutions.

I will post any information that is needed as I thought I did below with no responses and I have not reposted anywhere else or again to cause problems.

I've done plenty of reading and after many and I mean many times upgrading my directivos to get it right (20 or so times) and finally got them to work but then I go to do my last directivo and keep getting stuck with the service is not enabled.

I am a novice and have about 2 big binders of printouts of emails to read with no answers popping up. One problem that is a big pain is that the cds will not boot properly which I don't understand.

So I restore the image and put webstuff etc. on the tivo and put back in and clean delete everything and then after that is done, it can see the other tivos but when I do the superpatch, nothing, so I don't know what I am missing.

Ignore Below as it is covered above. Thanks for your reply.

It is a directivo hdvr2 series 2 with 6.2 software. I had it working before but the now showing would not show up on tivowebplus so I redid it, using an instant cake and pvtnet disks and cleared, deleted, etc. Lastly I set the superpatch67 and set mrv name and rebooted.

Still get the cannot transferred between dvrs because the service is not enabled. I have searched and search with no luck.

I am stilling paying directv for service even though I am not using it for recording but for storage of movies when my other tivos get full.

The service says it is not activated as it was turned off for several days as I have another dvr2 that is able to store the movies with no problem and I did the upgrade on that but cannot find what I am missing.

The dvr in question that I have problems with got replaced with another dvr as one of the lines from the satellite fried one of the inputs on the directivo making it unuseable.

I hope I have provided enough info. Thanks. Patrick