View Full Version : hdcp discussion allowed?

11-09-2006, 10:24 AM

Other tivo support boards dont allow the disucssion of extraction, as they fear it could cross the line, and bring down the athourities to shut down the board. But I feel that this board allows for its discussion, because we dont talk of show trading, of copywrite violation, its just for personal back up---move it off the tivo to make room for new stuff, put it back on (or not) to watch it again. I agree with this locgic. No laws are beeing broken as far as I know.

My question is, would it be approate then to start a disucssion about removing hdcp (high def content proteciton) off of the hdmi ports of any tivo that has an hdmi port such as the hr-10-250.

While this subject seems to be taboo on other board, the way I see it, its really no different then the extraction subject.

And my reasons for doing it are not even to extract the video, but rather display it on a full digital path to a digital dispaly device---but sadly dose not support hdcp.

I have collected some info,and Id like to start this discussion in the development board here on ddb, but I dont want to do anything that the operators would find too risky.

Please advise.