View Full Version : Cashradio: let's help them become a true paid-to-listen program (not "sweepstakes")

01-28-2001, 02:26 PM
http://www.cashradio.com/default.asp?ref=reg2k and my referal ID is reg2k

I like the fact that these guys are honest about their pros and cons, and I'm gonna give them a try for a couple of months at least:

"While many dot-com ventures are going out of business and others are abandoning their 'get paid' roots in favor of long-odds sweepstakes, CashRadio has been moving in the opposite direction.
"Effective immediately, we are releasing the CashRadio ribbon, a banner ad surf companion which works in conjunction with our existing CashRadio player. The CashRadio ribbon is important to you for several reasons:
1) It uses proven technology that is already in use by a number of ISP's. So you don't have to worry about the bad behavior common with a new ad bar.
2) It's integrated with the existing CashRadio player. When you start up the CashRadio ribbon, it will automatically log you on to the CashRadio web site and start the CashRadio player. You still get a single point of entry to your favorite tunes.
3) It's release will allow us to launch the pay-to-listen program very soon. How soon? Read onů

In addition to releasing the CashRadio ribbon, we have signed a contract with an established advertising broker that will generate the revenue we need to launch our pay-to-listen program in the US. We will begin the pay-to-listen program after a 300,000 hour burn-in of the CashRadio ribbon.

Huh? When is that? Well, that depends on you. Every hour you listen (surf and listen, actually) during the burn-in period counts as one hour toward the goal. But you can only listen for 75 hours per month or less. If you go over the 75 hour cap, each hour counts *against* the group goal. Got that?

So although the exact start date of the pay-to-surf program may still seem clouded to you, the process toward getting there is very clear. If 4,000 members listen for their 75-hour allotment in the first month, we could start the pay-to-listen program as early as March. If fewer listen during the burn-in it will take longer to start the pay-to-listen program. We will periodically post progress toward the goal on the web site for everyone to see.

Just so everyone is clear: members will not get paid - ever - for time spent listening (TSL) which was accrued during last year's beta testing or will be accrued during the new burn-in period. We have been very candid about that from the beginning and it is stated on every page of the web site, but lots of people still ask about it. You will not begin accruing TSL for cash until the month *after* we reach the 300,000 hour burn-in.

There will also be new pay rates, pay caps, payment schedules, and payment methods announced prior to the end of the burn-in period. We don't have all the details yet, but here is what we do know. The pay rates will be firm, not a percentage of revenue."

http://www.cashradio.com/default.asp?ref=reg2k and my referal ID is reg2k