View Full Version : Product to make TiVo install easier

11-15-2006, 06:07 PM
Hey Everyone,

I thought you might like to know about a product I found to make installing a DVR easier. I recently got a RTX DUALjack when I purchased my TiVo so I didnít have to install an additional jack. It made it so simple for me to just plug in my TiVo and start enjoying it. I was thinking of giving TiVos as a gift to my parents and my brother, who I know would love one. I decided to get the the DUALjack too so they donít have to go through the trouble of having a jack installed. You can get more info on the DUALjack at www dot dualjack dot com. I bought mine online at www dot rcsnet dot com. :cool:

11-15-2006, 08:17 PM
Most of us have hacked our Tivos to eliminate the need for a phone connection. This is a product that would be of more interest to the folks over at the Tivo Community Forum. Besides, wireless phone jacks have been around for years at much lower prices.