View Full Version : smbd for tivo rootfs

12-18-2006, 07:59 PM
This is basically just a repack of whisla13's s2sambabin archive found here:


The difference is it includes a script called startsamba.sh that automatically configures and executes nmbd and smbd on the fly. If your tivo environment doesn't automatically set a hostname, you'll want to execute e.g:

hostname tivo

before running the startsamba.sh script. See my sample init framework posted here (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showpost.php?p=268011&postcount=21) for examples on how to automatically set a permanent hostname configuration based on the mfs settings. Other than that, you can just untar into any directory that is set in your $PATH (e.g. /var/hack,) and then just run startsamba.sh. Tar should automatically put the .so library in /lib

Oh, and I also ran strip on the binaries so they are a bit smaller. For those newbs out there, an easy way to access your tivo rootfs via win would be start > run > \\tivo <enter>. And while nmbd is running, you can telnet to your tivo via start > run > telnet tivo <enter>, and you can access the tivo web interface via start > run > //tivo <enter>. Or whatever your hostname is, if its configured as something other than tivo.