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04-16-2007, 04:04 PM
I have a question about running digital cable and D* through my network.
I have completely rewired my house of the old rg59 to newer RG6 cable.
I have 2 2X4 multi switches running to 2 dual tuner dtivos and 2 other feeds running to 2 other rooms that have no equipment yet. I have recently gotten a digital cable box. Most of it is oaid for through my HOA so I thought I'd give it a try.
I was getting a very good picture from both my dtvs and my analog cable on every tv in the house throug diplexers.
Once I added the digital cable box, I am not able to get anything on the digital cable box. I need to run a seperate line from my cable service before it hits the multiswitches for the box to get anything. I even tried going through only 1 multiswitch, but I get nothing on the other end.
The cable run from the switch to the TV is only aout 25 feet so I don't think it is the length.
I believe the switches are blocking the digital part as I was unable to get my cable modem to sync up past the switches either.
My question. Is there a multiswitch that would allow both the D* siganl and the digital cable signal to work on one line?
I am not interested in running a 3rd line for digital cable only. That would suck!!!

Sorry about the long post..

04-27-2007, 11:52 PM
You can try diplexing after the multiswitch. The digital cable boxes have to be able to talk back to the cable company through the cable lines, (like a networked computer). The multiswitches don't allow the talk back, (the communication to go from the output of the switch to the input of the switch). The best solution is, unfortunately to run a separate line for the digital cable signals. FYI on the future use of DTV's new HD satellites, once they are fully active, you will not be able to diplex signals at all.