View Full Version : $25 for every 3 valid referals! And big savings on utilities. OnlineChoice is back!

12-07-2001, 06:54 PM
Since they have a generous referal program, and I could use their Reward, I'll be grateful if you ask me to send you the referal link. For that, please use the pm (private messaging feature on this board) to send me the email u intend to use for subscribing to their offers, and first initial and last name. I will NEVER abuse your trust. Thanks!

From their webpages: " We ask you for your name, email address, and zip code so we can keep you informed of new services in your area.
Join a buying pool - We ask you for some specific information about the service you are interested in to determine whether we have an offer for you.
Start saving! - If an offer is available and you like what you see, accept the offer!"
They also have a referal program.
For every three (3) Offer Acceptances by individuals you refer, you will be eligible to receive one (1) FREE Choice Reward." (currently $25!)

my note: Unlimited referals are allowed! wow

please remember to pm me for the link after checking out their website at www.onlinechoice.com The link here is NOT the referal link. Or, if you can't wait, please enter mrsarkar@hotmail.com as the referer, if/when asked. Thanks!