View Full Version : Found tivoserver bug in 4.4_a4

10-04-2007, 03:45 AM
Who maintains the tivoserver program? If someone could make sure they receive this message, it would be beneficial to many of us.

I found a bug that causes the 4.4_a4 version to create bad tivo files that will not play certain videos.

When the original is larger than 480 lines resolution, tivoserver uses ffmpeg to resize to 480.

However, in the 4.4_a4 version, it reduces it to 488 instead of 480, probably just a typo. It works fine if the original is less than 480 so it doesn't need to be resized. This is in the cygwin version, and I have a dtivo2.

If this could be fixed in the next version, that would be great.