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12-09-2001, 09:32 PM
Just purchased myself a Hughes DirecTV receiver with Tivo. I'm working on getting myself free DirecTV, but for the time being I'm a paying customer with basic service. That doesn't matter I don't think. Purchased the Hughes receiver at Best Buy, gave them a fake name and phone number and paid cash, so I don't have to worry about ever hooking the thing up to a phone line.

So I'd like to get my TiVo to work without paying for it. From the reading I've done on this site, I think its possible because the TiVo information feed comes over the DirecTV signal. Is that correct?

Could some kind forum expert please direct me to the proper instructions for setting up free TiVo? Are they the same as the directions for installing a larger hard drive?

What's the deal with the locals scipts and whatnot?

Please help!


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Hey guys,
I can't believe how great the majority of newbies are on this forum. Almost every thread I have seen has asked a relavent question, and the people have done searches to try to answer the question themselves. I must agree with synthesis on this: robbyg you have a LOT of reading to do. Please do yourself a favor and use the search button (towards the top of the screen, between f.a.q. and home) and search on a few topics for example:

bash prompt

A lot of great work has been done on this forum and it would be in your best interest to try and do the researching first before asking a lot of questions. I mean this place gets over 100 new members a day...what if we all had them posting your message over and over (ouch...bad for the server), not to mention irritating the very forum experts (of which I definitely am not) you are asking help from. Do the searchs and read a LOT!!! Besides there are many interesting things you can do that you may not even know about yet. :p


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The help so far is much appreciated. I'm not looking for the quick answer or someone to hold my hand through this, but just to be pointed in the right direction. At the same time I'm working on hacking my TiVo I'm researching DTV hacks, and from my experience there, there are just some things that the pros accept as common knowledge. From all the searching in the world I still can't figure out some things; those things the pros assume as so basic its not even worth putting into some how-tos.

But so far so good. From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) this is what I have to do:

1. Install Extreme 2.5 on my TiVo hard drive.
2. Install fixup02c. This gets me a lifetime subscription to TiVo, correct?

Thanks again. MUCH APPRECIATED!!! ;)


12-10-2001, 02:42 AM
by all the old threads in here. The thing you need to concern yourself with most is the 25xtreme upgrade. As far as fixup goes you really don't have to do too much ( 1 command ) in order to get it to run. Read some more about 25xtreme and look for something along the lines of sub test or fixsub.

I just did the upgrade this weekend but have been reading this forum for over 3 months.

all the answers are here but there isn't any real good step by step. Most of the step by step guides are pre 2.5xtreme so they have a lot of steps you don't need. one more hint I'll give you is take the time to make a serial cable so you can get a bash prompt. This makes things go much easier especially when it comes to locals.

I found this forum to be much easier to read and understand than the dss forums. but then again I already know linux pretty well.

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