View Full Version : TiVo Series 3 Hidden Digital Channels

01-28-2008, 05:32 PM
First let me state this will not give you any paid programming like HBO for free. No one can, HBO, Stars, etc, or any other premium services are digitally scrambled (DTCP). I recently purchased a TiVo Series 3 to hack around with and have been surfing the TiVo hack forums to see what’s being done.
I also have three other Linux based HDTV receivers, Sony HDD 500, LG LST 3410 and an LG LST 4200. The HDD 500 and LST 3410 receive the usual basic and HD digital cable channels. The LST 4200 does the same channels plus a few more channels that are digital versions of current analog channels. There lies the question, why does the control chip or better-known “V-Chip” not turn off these extra channels on the LST 4200? I know the cable company digitally controls what channels our digital TVs receive, I quote from FCC document EIA 608: 41-43h Channel Mapping Information Packets
“These packets will transmit the map information from a cable headend to a receiving device. This system will allow a consumer electronic device, such as a television or a set-top box, the capability to determine which channels are selectable, and when necessary, re-map these user selectable channels to their tunable channel number.”

This clearly states the cable company has the ability to control what channels my digital TV or set top box (TiVo Series 3) can tune and can label these channels with whatever number they choose. For example ESPN high definition channel 94-2 is channel 815 on my cable system.
Last year I built up a PC with a MyHD tuner card, Blu-Ray burner drive, Xbox HD drive etc. With the Motorola Station Monitor I can see at the output of the MyHD tuner, “ALL” channels (including those billion dancing digital squares of scrambled HBO etc). At the video and audio outputs of the TL880 chip (the control chip) I see the video and audio muted when I select one of those extra channels received by the LST 4200.
So where am I going with this? I see a group on this forum swapping proms to get additional control of the Series 3. I’ve also seen another TiVo hack group using a program called tivovbi allowing them to view and control close caption xds packets in the registries. I was wondering if anyone in the TiVo Series 3 group is working on the “user selectable channels” xds packets 41h – 43h registries of the TiVo Series 3 control chip (chips, one for each tuner)?