View Full Version : Fix (possibly) corrupt OS --OR-- rescue shows?

11-30-2008, 01:39 PM
In June 2008, I replaced the stock Tivo Series 3 hard drive with a 1 TB WD (WD10EVCS) using MFSTools to do the upgrade. On November 12, I noticed my To Do list showed virtually no programs from November 13 forward and that Suggestions had stopped being recorded as of November 10. Being aware of this To Do list issue from the Tivo Community Forum, I knew to simply move one Season Pass in the Season Pass Manager. Almost instantly, the To Do list began to repopulate. The next morning, though, as Suggestions still had not started to record, I unplugged the Tivo and rebooted it. This is when the boot loop began. Tivo got all the way to Tivo Central and in just seconds it rebooted. Constantly. So I tried the usual Kickstarts (57, 58, 52, 54) and, although no errors were found, the reboots continued.

So I ordered a replacement drive from WD. In the meantime, I put the original drive back into the S3. This drive had previously failed WD extended tests this past summer, convincing me to replace the drive in the first place. This drive, however, booted and ran just fine.

I received the replacement drive on November 25 and immediately did a copy from the old 1 TB drive to the new 1 TB drive using WinMFS. I also ran WD extended diagnostics twice and found no issues. Installing the new 1 TB drive, though, gave me the same boot loop. It seems that the cause of the reboots might be a corruption of some system file.

I have now used WinMFS to copy the original 250 GB drive to the new 1 TB drive, which stopped the reboots, but I have now lost all my shows and movies I had been saving since June. Worse, since I do not know what exactly happened, I may find myself in the same situation again in weeks or months.

I am now wondering if I can look at any log files on the orignal 1 TB drive and determine what file(s) may have become corrupt. It occurs to me that I *MAY* be able to simply copy non-corrupt versions from the original 250 GB drive to correct whatever went wrong. I could imagine doing this with MFSTools using some Linux commands. Is such a thing possible? Otherwise, are there any Kickstart commands that would somehow force the Tivo to download the OS files again from the servers? I thought Kickstart 52 did that, but my lack of success leads me to believe it does not work the way I think.

Alternately, I'd like to be able to copy my shows from my original 1 TB drive onto my new 1 TB drive. I do not need to decrypt anything, since all 3 drives were from the same S3 (stock 250 GB, original 1 TB, new 1 TB).

I hope this isn't a newbie question, but I am willing to accept that it might be, in which case it can be deleted.

Thank you.

06-09-2010, 11:19 PM
So the 1 TB WD drive in my Tivo HD goes into a boot loop just short of year 1 after my upgrade. Drive tests fine with Western Digital Extended Test and SpinRite 6. Absolutely NO errors. So it seems like something has gone wrong with the file system.

I'm still looking for a way I can pull some shows off the bad drive and place them on a newly upgraded (from the original) drive. Is anybody doing this?

There seems to be lots of data floating around, but I'm trying to sift through everything and see what is still relevant for a Tivo HD.

Spoon feeding would be great, but even just an overview would be appreciated! :)